Air-Oil Coolers – Benefits and Applications

Air-Oil Coolers – Benefits and Applications

Air-oil coolers as the name states are another type of heat exchanger (read about plate type and shell and tube type in our previous blog) that make use of oil for cooling purposes. Engine oil coolers/ heat exchangers are small radiators placed in front of engines, in most cases automobile with a fan present. Air-oil coolers can be triggered by the engine when in operation or some cases at specific intervals during motor operation to regulate temperature. Air-oil heat exchangers are often Bar and Fin cooler or Plate and Fin type coolers depending on design structure in which heat is transferred continuously from heated oil to air without adding energy in the process. This process is major as a result of cooling fins being attached to the heat sink, which in turn increases its surface area to greater cooling effectiveness. The basic concept of air oil coolers is that the heated oil flows on one side of a thin corrugated metal plate while having the opposing cooler air on the other side. The system enables an easy flow of heat between the oil to the air.

Benefits of air coolers

A major benefit of using air oil coolers is their lightweight structure when compared to the number of other coolers out there, this is very beneficial and makes this heat exchanger easily transported and brings about less strenuous requirements when applying upon any device. Air-oil coolers also require less ground space as opposed to other heat exchangers making it very beneficial when applying in tight spaces and further allowing for diverse application across numerous sectors.

Looking for hands-on experience

Getting your hands on one of these devices isn’t an issue with numerous brands having them in their catalog. The concept of “small is the new big” has propelled air oil coolers to be produced by just about every brand that specializes in the production and distribution of air coolers. Major Brands such as Flow forceParker, and Ace have taken up the idea. This has greatly improved the impression that air oil coolers are here to stay as you now don’t need the usually bulky heat exchanger to aid you in regulating the heat of your equipment as something smaller can aid in that process.

Application of air coolers

Regardless of the purpose to which this technology is required VARALKA air oil coolers/heat exchangers have a model that can be of service to you with products consisting of AC, DC, hydraulic, and engine driven fans. VARALKA air oil coolers not only have steel plates which are very durable but also has air coolers for each equipment you can think about with size variants of small, large and extra-large with low noise version available as well. Air-oil coolers are applicable in hydraulic systems, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic wrench, air compressors, heat recovery, factory automation, diesel engines, gearboxes, construction stone crashers, and for renewable energy industry for wind turbines and other power generators. Air coolers are used by major brands such as Volkswagen and a foray of other automobile companies in India and the world at large, with the progression this product has made in the market within a short period, it’s only a matter of time before it dominates the market.