Premium Range of Hygenic Plate Heat Exchangers Manufacturer

Our experience and knowledge of processes in food, dairy, and beverage industries help us to manufacture high efficiency and maintenance friendly plate heat exchangers.

These applications mandate that PHEs must be all Stainless Steel or Stainless Steel clad to ensure hygiene. The frames of our sanitary plate heat exchangers are either solid stainless steel or clad with SS 304 or SS316L sheet. The frames can be designed with intermediate frames dividing the plate heat exchanger into various sections where preheating, pasteurization and can take place.

The frames are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. As usual, these frames offer facility of addition or reduction of plates.

Plates are designed for gentle handling of the food products like milk, ice-cream, beer, wine etc. for superior output quality. Gaskets are always clip-on type.

Our sanitary plate heat exchangers are also available as multi-stage PHEs which are multiple PHEs combined in one, thereby saving cost and valuable space.

Heat Transfer Plates are suitable for hygienic applications for example:

  • Lesser number of contact points
  • Optimum corrugation depth
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Long operating time
  • Flow is distributed over the entire plate
  • High quality NBR or EPDM gaskets to match the application
  • Fully protected gasket groove and robust mechanical fixing
  • Clip on Gaskets for reduced downtime and easy maintenance
  • Compatible with CIP processes

PHE Applications

Plate Heat Exchangers are critical to food and beverage industry. They are used for heating or cooling different products before processing, concentrating, drying, filling, and other processes. Not only do they provide heating and cooling, but they play an important part in eliminating the microbials, keeping the food products safe to consume and increasing their shelf life.

  • Dairy – Milk Chillers, Heaters and Pasteurizers, Ice-Cream Mix Chillers
  • Beer – Cooling, Heating of Wort and Yeast
  • Beverages – Cooling, Heating and Short-Term Heating of Juices, Sugar Syrup and Soft Drinks
  • Cooling and Heating of Vegetable Oil
  • Hot Water Generators
  • CIP Heater