Traction Transformer Oil Coolers

Traction Transformer Oil Coolers

Traction transformers are critical components in a locomotive and Varalka Transformer Oil Coolers are providing satisfactory service for traction transformers for metro and local trains all over the country. Flow of electric current through the winding and due to core losses, heat is produced in the windings and core of the transformer. This heat must be removed to keep the temperature of transformer oil below a certain limit. Rating of any electrical equipment depends upon its allowable temperature rise limit. Therefore, if the temperature rise of the transformer oil is controlled, the rating of transformer can be extended up to significant limit. Varalka Oil Cooler for Transformer accelerates the cooling of transformer oil.

Design and Manufacturing Ensures Performance

There are several design considerations that must be taken into account with air-cooled systems. The temperature difference between the oil and the air determines the amount of surface needed for cooling. The greater the temperature difference between the oil and air, the less surface is needed. So if the air temperature has been elevated but the oil temperature is fixed because the application cannot allow it to increase, the size of the cooler's surface area must be increased as a result. Manufacturing processes must be strictly controlled to ensure that the oil cooler meets the specifications of heat transfer and mechanical strength. Varalka used robust bar and plate oil coolers with IP 67 electric motors. Maintaining cleanliness of the internal surfaces of the cooler during manufacturing is extremely important, especially surfaces that would come in contact with the circulating oil. It is essential that no metal particles are introduced that could contaminate the oil.

Electric Motors are Critical

Local trains, specially in Mumbai are subjected to harsh climactic conditions and it is not uncommon that whole traction transformer is immersed in water for long periods. So the whole cooler and particularly the electric motor must be designed and manufactured to high standards of quality and IP 67 rating.