Varalka is dedicated to keeping your plate heat exchangers in good condition to deliver specified heat transfer for its lifetime.

We undertake re-gasketing, plate cleaning, and PHE refurbishment. We also undertake Annual Maintenance Contracts. All these services are available for Varalka PHEs as well as other reputed brands like Alfa Laval, Tranter, GEA Ecoflex / Kelvion and Sondex.

VARALKA is your single resource for:

  • Spare PHE plates or gaskets of Varalka and other brands like Alfa Laval, Tranter, GEA Ecoflex / Kelvion and Sondex.
  • On-site service - troubleshooting, physical cleaning, leak detection, assembly and hydrotest.
  • Off-site service - Complete refurbishment of the PHE including Re-rating, chemical cleaning, dye penetrant test
before and after cleaning m10 plates


This service includes:

  • Pressure washing each plate
  • Visual inspection
  • Re-alignment of loosened gaskets
  • Closing to the proper dimension
  • Test for leakage at rated pressure.

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In cases where it is critical to reducing downtime, we can change the whole set of plates with a new plate pack. After getting this done, the downtime will be limited to just a few hours.


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plate pack of a plate heat exchanger
Liner Welding


The following services are offered under this category:

  • Changing the type of plates to suit a new duty
  • Conversion from a single pass to multi-pass
  • Relocating the heat exchanger

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We replace the gaskets in your PHE in the field for glue-free or glued gaskets.

This can also be done off-site in cases where oven curing is required. Chemical cleaning and dye penetrant testing are also done off-site.

regasketing of plates for heat exchanger
regasketing for plates for heat exchanger

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